22nd of June
Opening Session
Prof. Mohammed Khair Hourani, President of Tafila Technical University, Jordan
Prof. Kamal Khandakji , Dean of Engineering, Tafila Technical University, Jordan
Prof. Abdelhalim Benachenhou, e-Engineering Alliance Chair, University Abdelhamid Ibn Badis of Mostaganem, Algeria
Prof. Guillaume Andrieu, e-LIVES project Coordinator, University of Limoges, France
Session chair: Prof. Murad Alaqtash, Tafila Technical University, Jordan
Keynote Speaker #1 – Sergio Martin
Past, present and future in remote experimentation
Session chair: Manuel Castro, UNED, Spain
Session 1
Session chair: Andre Fidalgo, School of Engineering – Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal
Arti Siddhpura, Milind Siddhpura, Ana Evangelista and Indumathi V The success of e-Learning implementation for engineering courses: Case study – EIT
Yuanyuan Fan, Ana Evangelista and Indumathi V Implementation of Industry Inputs in Higher Education Courses
Mengjie Huang and Rui Yang Action Research on Project-based Learning and Contest-based Learning in Higher Education
Session 2
Session chair: Felix Garcia-Loro, UNED, Spain
Joan Peuteman, Alain Maricau, Anatolijs Zabastra, Sammy Verslype, Ludovic Espeel, Jeroen Boydens and Davy Pissoort Computer-mediated communication based English language teaching to academic staff of Belarus and Ukraine in a COVID-19 environment
Saqer Alja’Afreh, Ahmad Alabadleh and Ahmad Aljaafreh An Industry-related Course Development for Mobile Communications Systems in Undergraduate Curriculum of Communications Engineering
Asmaa Bengueddach and Abdeldjalil Fortas ASSES v1: an Algerian Scalable and Simple-To-Use Exam-generation System
Session 3
Session chair: Ahmad Aljaafreh, Tafila Technical University, Jordan
Ahmad Aljaafreh, Ahmad Alabadleh, Saqer Alja’Afreh, Murad Alaqtash and Jafar Abukhait A Questionnaire Study on the Practice of Teaching Strategies and Technology Tools in Jordanian Engineering Teaching
Soulef Benhamdi, Abdesselam Babouri and Raja Chiky An association rule-based recommender system for learning materials recommendation
Sammy Verslype, Venu Babu Thati, Joan Peuteman, Manuel Gericota, Davy Pissoort and Jeroen Boydens Satisfaction Questionnaire for Students, Teachers and Trainees to Assess the Quality of an e- Engineering Program
Keynote Speaker #2 – Xuewei Zhang
Power Up Jordan: Piloting a Virtual Training Program and Idea-A-Thon on Emerging Technologies for Jordanian Youth
Session chair: Murad Alaqtash, Tafila Technical University, Jordan
23rd of June
Session 4
Session chair: Kamal Khandakji, Tafila Technical University, Jordan
Felix Garcia Loro, Clara Perez, Elio San Cristóbal Ruiz, Pedro Plaza, Martin Fernandez, Manuel Blazquez, Alejandro Macho, Pablo Baizan, Manuel Castro and Blanca Quintana e-Engineering Learning, Teaching and Training at UNED
Milind Siddhpura and Arti Siddhpura Synchronous And Asynchronous Online Training Tools and Techniques For Engineering Lecturers Of Online And Face-To-Face Delivery Modes
Arti Siddhpura and Milind Siddhpura Development, Implementation And Analysis Of Effectiveness Of Online Synchronous And Asynchronous Instructions For Engineering Graphics Course
Oleksii Chornyi, Larysa Herasymenko, Victor Busher, Valerii Tytyuk, Janis Zakis and Kamal Khandakji Evaluation of Students` Learning Based on Cybernetic Models with Differential Equations of Fractional Order
Session 5
Session chair: Guillaume Andrieu, University of Limoges, France
Yeni Anistyasari Exploring The Psychometric Properties of Computational Thinking Assessment in Introductory Programming
F. David Trujillo-Aguilera, Elidia Beatriz Blázquez-Parra and Antonio Pérez-Herrera Opinions of the involved agents in learning active methodology in Engineering
Guillaume Andrieu and Claire Dalmay About compensation arrangements of teachers involved in e-learning trainings
Session 6
Session chair: Abdelhalim Benachenhou, Université Abdelhamid Ibn Badis, Mostaganem, Algeria
Elidia Beatriz Blázquez-Parra, Isidro Ladrón de Guevara-López, Laia Miravet Garret, Patricia Mora-Segado and Francisco David Trujillo-Aguilera Development of flipped classroom model applied to Graphic Engineering
Christina Andersson and Gerald Kroisandt Work in Progress: First Experiences with a Flipped Online Statistics Classroom for Engineering Students
Guillaume Andrieu, Thomas Fredon, Said Farah and Noura Aknin Remote Laboratory Implementation for the Study of Transmission Lines
Mohammed Moussa, Abderrahmane Adda Benatia, Abdelhalim Benachenhou and Abderrahmane Boumehdi A New Design and Evaluation for Sharing Analog Electronic Labs
Keynote Speaker #3 – Dominik May
Connecting Cross-Reality Learning Spaces and Online Laboratories through Engineering Education Research
Session chair: Manuel Gericota, School of Engineering – Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal
Session 7
Session chair: Fadi Shahroury, Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan
Esmeralda Nino Perez, Nelly Ramirez Vasquez and Roberto E. Villaseñor Roldan Integrating different teaching methods as a strategy to improve the students learning: A comparison study in an e-engineering course
Dhanya Nair Online Laboratory Course using Low Tech Supplies to Introduce Digital Logic Design Concepts
Mudasser F. Wyne, Lu Zhang and Alireza Farahani A Review of Competency Based Education (CBE)
Closing Session
Best paper award